Fall 2023 Crypto News: BlackRock, Mastercard, Ferrari & More

04 Nov 2023   |   

Here’s our look at the Fall 2023 cryptocurrency landscape so far. At Marfire we focus on the encouraging strides being made in the sector, reporting on advancements that showcase the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies into daily life.

BlackRock CEO Fink Reaffirms Commitment to Democratizing Crypto Investments

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink clarified the firm's stance on its pending Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) application after a misreport caused a stir in the market. Fink emphasized the significant client interest in cryptocurrency worldwide and BlackRock's dedication to making crypto investments more accessible and affordable. While he didn't delve into the specifics of the application, his comments reflect the firm's ongoing efforts to innovate in the crypto space.

BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin Trust aims to provide investors with exposure to Bitcoin's market price without the need for direct purchase, pending regulatory approval. Despite previous setbacks faced by other firms, BlackRock's move could democratize crypto investment, making it a viable option for a broader investor base.


Mastercard to Forge Web3 Path with Self-Custody Wallet Partnerships

Mastercard continues its journey in the Web3 arena by partnering with self-custody wallet giants MetaMask and Ledger to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions. This collaboration aims to merge the convenience of traditional payments with the burgeoning digital asset space, allowing for crypto spending at a global scale.

The payment network's strategy includes leveraging stablecoins and efficient blockchain technologies to provide seamless transactions, backed by the security expertise of CipherTrace. With an initial focus on the EU and U.K. markets, Mastercard's foray into Web3 signals a significant shift towards mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.


Ferrari Accelerates into Crypto, Accepts Bitcoin and Ether for U.S. Car Sales

Ferrari is now accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether for car purchases in the U.S., with a plan to roll out the option in Europe. The iconic carmaker's move, facilitated by payment processor BitPay, meets the growing interest from its wealthy clientele in using digital assets.

This initiative is part of Ferrari's broader strategy to maintain its luxury status while progressing towards carbon neutrality by 2030. The company's venture into crypto payments marks a significant step for the luxury car industry, as it adapts to the evolving financial landscape.


Immutable and Amazon Web Services Power Up for a New Era of Web3 Gaming

Web3 gaming pioneer Immutable enters a strategic alliance with Amazon Web Services to enhance blockchain game creation. Through AWS's ISV Accelerate Program, Immutable will tap into a broad array of resources and expertise to forge connections with leading game studios. The collaboration focuses on simplifying and securing blockchain game development, with Immutable's AWS-powered platform ready to support an exponential growth in game partnerships. This move is set to catalyze the launch of new products and partnerships in 2023, potentially bringing blockchain gaming to the mainstream.


Singapore Crypto Exchanges Aid in International Stolen Asset Case

Singapore's cryptocurrency exchanges have been enlisted to assist in an international case involving the theft of a crypto password and the fraudulent transfer of millions in cryptocurrencies. The case, which spans from Singapore to various European countries, involves an estimated US$3 million in stolen digital assets.

London-based financial crime investigators from Intelligent Sanctuary tracked the assets within 24 hours and sought a worldwide freezing order from the Singapore High Court, issued in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). This innovative NFT, attached to the private wallets of the hackers, allows for public visibility of the court orders and immediate action by exchanges when funds are moved.

This method represents an innovative new approach to asset recovery in the digital age, significantly reducing the time taken to freeze illicit assets and serving as a "game changer" for policing blockchain transactions.


El Salvador Launches 'Lava Pool,' Its First Bitcoin Mining Pool Using Geothermal Energy

El Salvador has introduced 'Lava Pool,' the country's inaugural Bitcoin mining pool, in a collaboration between Volcano Energy and Luxor Technology. This initiative leverages El Salvador's abundant geothermal energy, aligning with the nation's strategy to integrate Bitcoin into its energy and economic framework.

Volcano Energy, co-led by local Bitcoin advocate Josue Lopez and Max Keiser, will dedicate 23% of its net income from the mining pool to the Salvadoran government as part of a public-private partnership. The move builds on El Salvador's pioneering steps in the crypto space, following its adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender and its venture into Bitcoin-powered geothermal energy mining.


Vodafone and Chainlink Innovate to Streamline Global Trade with Blockchain

Vodafone's Digital Asset Broker (DAB) has unveiled a blockchain proof of concept with Chainlink Labs, targeting the improvement of the global trade sector's document exchange system. This collaboration leverages Chainlink's interoperability protocol to streamline the transfer of trade documents across various blockchain platforms, aiming to solve the current system's inefficiencies.

The initiative demonstrates the potential for IoT devices to autonomously manage trade processes and financial transactions, enhancing security and trust in the data used for smart contracts. This step by Vodafone and Chainlink could lead to more efficient and secure global trade operations, tapping into the vast potential of blockchain technology to simplify complex commercial activities.


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